I'd never thought of my risotto in biblical terms. "It's like Moses parting the Red Sea," cooking coach Kathryn Regalia says. "When you drag your spatula through the middle, and it stays apart, it's time to add more stock." With Regalia's guidance, I'm cooking one of my go-to dishes, Donna Hay's Lemon Parmesan Risotto, on a gas Viking range top at the American kitchen appliance maker's showroom in Hayward.

In the Bay Area, it's become common to try high-end kitchen appliances before you buy, assessing how a familiar recipe comes out on unfamiliar equipment

SAP AG must pay Oracle Corp prejudgment interest on a recent $1.3 billion copyright infringement verdict, but not at the formula suggested by Oracle, according to a judge's ruling filed on Tuesday. Oracle had sought more than $211 million in interest after winning a high stakes trial in an Oakland federal courtroom last month. But U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton opted for a methodology suggested by SAP to calculate the interest. Hamilton did not specify in her order how much SAP will ultimately pay.

The nation’s continuing economic slowdown will keep cargo traffic at major retail container ports below last year’s levels through this summer and early fall, but month-to-month numbers are climbing and ports should see a return to year-over-year growth by Halloween, according to the monthly Port Tracker report released Monday by the National Retail Federation (NRF) and Global Insight. U.S. ports surveyed handled 1.26 million twenty-foot-equivalent units (TEU) of container traffic in April, the most recent month for which actual numbers are available. That’s up 8.9 percent from March, which registered the lowest volume in two years, but down 4.7 percent from April 2007. “The

First job in CE Industry: Working for AT&T in sales and marketing right out of college. I really admire Mohammad Yunus. He has changed the way people think about entrepreneurship. His work has proved that it’s possible to combine generating profit with doing good in the world. It’s really changing the way young people think about a career in business. Now that he’s won the Nobel Peace Prize, I hope that his ideas will be heard more. I’ve learned I need to surround myself with people who are different from me, who will challenge me, and not necessarily go along with my opinions. I was

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