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HTSA said Tuesday that it has added Echo Tech as its 61st and newest member. EchoTech, based in Omaha, specializes in specializes in creative technical design and aesthetic integration.

Sell the right digital camera the first time so the customer comes back, not the camera Edited by Janet Pinkerton Hard Sell Profile: In the early 1990s, Rob Anderson was a bricklayer who worked retail during the Christmas holidays—first in Dallas, Texas, later in his hometown of Omaha, Neb. He started as an audio sales person at a high-end audio shop in Dallas, then moved to a newly opened Incredible Universe. When returned to Omaha, he worked for Circuit City in audio sales, but he says "I made too much money so Circuit City made me a manager." In April 1998, he moved to

The foundations for living a three-generation legend By Janet Pinkerton The Blumkin family is the stuff of business legends, a three-generation story of force of will and business savvy that reaches back to Tsarist Russia and still thrives on a Nebraska Furniture Mart's 77-acre campus in Omaha. The NFM dynasty begins with Rose Blumkin, a Russian emigrant to the United States who founded the business as a furniture store in an Omaha basement in 1937 with $500 borrowed from her brother. Before she died in August 1998 at the age of 104, she would check on the store daily—by phone or in person—to see

By Janet Pinkerton Audio/video electronics distributors who survived the 1970s' and '80s' shakeout are profiting from manufacturers' and dealers' recent return to two-step distribution. Distributors also report they are retooling their businesses to mine new niches, including custom installers, new retail venues, expanded territories and Internet sales fulfillment. According to Douglas Jones, Samsung's central regional sales manager, in 1997, Samsung's dealer base totaled 500 dealers, but then it reduced its in-house sales force, reduced its direct customer base to about 180 accounts (determined by both dollar volume and/or geographic location) and gave the balance of those accounts to about a dozen distributors. The result

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