It seems the new iPhone is very popular and is becoming the go-to option for many customers, including senior citizens. Apple’s iOS platform as always been targeted for simplicity and ease of use, something that I guess has become more apparent in recent years. On Monday, OregonLive reported that Consumer Cellular, an Oregon-based post-paid carrier, will begin offering the iPhone starting on December 13th. 

Almo Professional A/V this week announced the hiring of a pair of new sales managers. Bob McCormick is the new manager for the Western region while Jennifer Fisher will cover the Northwestern territory.

Intel is on a seemingly unstoppable march toward manufacturing unimaginably small chip geometries of 15 nanometers and beyond. Generally, the smaller the chip geometries--from 45 nanometers to 32 nanometers, for example--the better the performance and the lower the relative power consumption. And to achieve smaller geometries, the chip giant announced today . I talked today with Brian Krzanich, a senior vice president and general manager for manufacturing and supply chain at Intel, about the future of Intel manufacturing and, consequently, the future of its processors.

Pioneer Electronics said Monday it has reached deals with two distributors, Custom Plus Distributing, Inc., and AM Merchandising, Inc., for the Northwestern U.S.

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