The mobile electronics space should and can find opportunities to engage consumers who otherwise would have little interest in visiting mobile 12-volt retail departments and stores. 

Cisco Systems, the telecom networking giant that has aggressively pronounced its intentions to expand in the consumer electronics sector, made two significant moves in the past week moving it toward that goal. Together, these latest initiatives demonstrate Cisco's revived assault on the video and media businesses, using a similar pattern of acquisition and innovation that drove Cisco during last decade's telecom boom. Cisco's recently acquired subsidiary Pure Digital Technologies, which makes the popular FlipVideo HD camera, submitted technical plans to the Federal Communications Commission for an innovative remote control.  A few days later, Cisco bid $3 billion in cash the acquire Tandberg, the Oslo-based supplier of video equipment.  The offered price was 11% higher than Tandberg's previous day's share price, and the friendly takeover is expected to be completed in about six months. With its strong relationships in the global broadcasting business plus emerging technology for online broadband ventures, Tandberg will play a significant role in Cisco's networked video projects.


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