Oswego, N.Y.

Pioneer Electronics will discontinue its Premier line of mobile electronics by December, saying it was becoming harder to justify the features and marketing of a premium line from its Pioneer-branded line of mobile products. Not all dealers agree with the move.

The Mobile Enhancement Retailers Association (MERA) has elected its current president, Barry Vogel, as executive director. MERA also said it is moving its  offices to Oswego, N.Y.,  in an effort to consolidate operations and maximize efficiency.

Mobile electronics retailers and installers have been hanging out with their buying public since day one. From guerrilla marketing excursions in high school parking to car shows to concert venue, smart mobile retailers are there, especially when their business needs a quick shot of nitro.

Is your business doing as well today as it did five years ago? You’ve heard about the industry trends. You’ve heard about iPod and MP3 integration. You’ve heard about OEM integration. You’ve heard about the changing wants and needs of today’s consumer. Above all, you’ve heard about the need to change. We’ve heard the excuses: “I can’t afford an iPod/MP3 display.” Or, “Nobody’s asking for it.” Or, “My customers aren’t interested.” Listen up! It’s time to lead, follow, or get out of the way. As specialists, we are expected to be the leaders…the go-to guys for new technologies and trends. If you aren’t the leader in your

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