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Bang & Olufsen the Denmark based manufacturer of exclusive, high-end audio and video products, announced Tuesday that its newest showroom has opened in La Jolla, Calif., outside San Diego. The new store is located in the Girard Avenue retail area and represents Bang & Olufsen’s continued growth in North America. “Bang & Olufsen has long since been a purveyor of creating unparalleled, high quality, audio and video systems that are a pleasure to experience,” said President of Bang & Olufsen Zean Nielsen in a statement. “We are proud to further expand the company’s tradition of excellence in design and technology.” Elsewhere on

How Sound Crafters' Paul Papadeas is reshaping IASCA to empower his fellow dealers By David Dritsas A few years ago, staff members of Sound Crafters in Daytona Beach, Florida, played a prank on their boss, Owner Paul Papadeas. One day, a customer came in with a 15-year-old receipt for a purchase he made at the store. Amazed by this, and looking for a bit of fun, they devised a story for Papadeas, telling him that the customer was trying to make a return from that very purchase. The joke was well-received, and Papadeas kept a copy of the receipt. But later, while examining this

Every time I go to Palm Springs, California, I always ask myself "Why do I live in New Jersey?" Last month I was in Palm Springs for the Consumer Electronics Association's Fall Conference—the conferences and speakers seemed right on, the mood seemed to be better than upbeat. Like all CEA gatherings, Fall Conference makes for a great networking opportunity—so, so important in our industry. Most entertaining was the impromptu seminar CEA added at the last minute about the industry economic environment, post September 11. CEA Vice President Todd Thibodeaux got up and described how his group tele-surveyed 1,000 consumers on their Christmas shopping

By Janet Pinkerton Just when you think it's safe to go back into the retail waters…Best Buy buys Musicland and Seattle player Magnolia HiFi for a cool $772 million total, the economy dips into the tank (not very long and not very deep, we hope), and everybody comes out with a convergence product. So much for industry stability. Going into the 2001 International Consumer Electronics Show, the degree of technological diversity we expect to see on the show floor is absolutely astounding. A lot of things are going to get thrown against the wall of consumer acceptance, but in a soft economy, how much of it is

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