Paramus, New Jersey

Apple could be overhauling at least one of its retail stores to add more space for the Genius Bar and the customers themselves.

The company's Garden State Plaza store in Paramus, New Jersey, is reportedly the target of the renovations, according to Apple blog site ifoAppleStore. The store itself is moving to a larger space in the shopping mall that wil triple its square footage.

Sources told ifoAppleStore that the Paramus store originally occupied a space 30 feet wide but has since outgrown that and has run into problems of overcrowding.

It’s no surprise to any retailer that the hey day of DVD is over. With $30 DVD players selling in aisle five of the grocery store, DVD has fast become a low-margin, commodity product. So it makes sense for retailers to hail the coming of high definition DVD—HD DVD or Blu-ray—as a boost to better margins. But the sale of these players may not be so easy. Incompatible formats, digital copy protection limitations and consumer unawareness all contribute to this category’s status as a hard sell. But with HD DVD now ready to ship, retailers will have to develop a strategy. Dealerscope interviewed some

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