Make sure your eyes are always wide open looking for ways to solve the problems, needs and wants of your customers? That attention always leads to increased sales, profits and customer loyalty, things that none of us can take advantage of in these tough times.

The philosophic underpinnings of retail have always been fairly straightforward: you see a need, you fill a need, and you hope to make some money along the way. But the secret to profitable distribution has, especially in the last couple of decades, been more of a moving target.

Robert Walters, Blueroof Solutions, McKeesport, PA Allegheny County, a part of Western Pennsylavnia once known for it’s booming steel mills, has the second largest population of senior citizens in the nation, second only to Dade County, Florida. Though not typically investing in high-end home entertainment systems, this population is increasingly interested in a new group of tech products that could help older adults live independently longer, an option much less expensive than the rent at assisted living facilities. Bob Walters, an electrical engineering professor turned entrepreneur, is hoping to cater to that market through a new business called Blueroof Solutions. “I’m a professor at Penn

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