Phoenix, Arizona

The beautiful Phoenix, Arizona is home to a great majority of professional baseball teams' spring training camps. In that spirit, Mobile Solutions announces its Back 2 Back Spring Trainingsuper-session, April 11-17, 2012. The seven day run will include two of Mobile Solutions' most popular training classes sequentially so that attendees can get immersed in the topics while enjoying the most beautiful Arizona weather in the process. "The spring time is definitely our best time of year out here in the Phoenix area so we're welcoming all the Spring Training attendees

Bruce Jacobs, 60, a long-time presence in the consumer electronics industry and publisher of Custom Retailer and E-Gear magazines, died on November 29 in Phoenix, Arizona, after a brief battle with cancer. Jacobs began his career in consumer electronics publishing in 1988 with AudioVideo International, where he served as Associate Publisher for 14 years. Earlier in his career, he worked at MART magazine and in various capacities in the recording industry. He joined NAPCO’s Consumer Technology Publishing Group (CTPG) in 2004, where he assumed the role of Publisher at Custom Retailer and then, Publisher of E-Gear. Before joining CTPG, he also worked for Mitek

Navigating the pros and cons of training methods could lead some retailers online. By Russell Shaw Planning for and implementing educationally effective training policies are a key for retailers. Issues include deciding on what skill sets need to be trained for, the type of training to be offered, whether to offer that training internally or via third-party services, and how deep within the organization the training should go. All this needs to be accomplished within a quantifiable return-on-investment (ROI) model. Jim Dion, president of retail consultancy and training firm Dionco Inc., Chicago, recommends that retailers devote one to two percent of their annual gross

CE Retailing in the 20th Century By Natalie Hope McDonald & David Dritsas In 1944, Chicago-based Arrow Radio & Appliance Shop made $1,000 a month in radio repairs by adding a unique feature to its store. Proprietor Al Palacz screened something that the average consumer didn't yet have access to—television. The Zenith-branded motion picture projections were shown in the store every Wednesday, attracting new customers with popular shows of the day. This retail tactic is still going strong at modern-day Sounds Like Music in Phoenix, Arizona, where President Dave Wiggs installed a 15-foot-wide screen in his own storefront window to attract would-be home

The evolution of in-vehicle technology By Brett Solomon It may seem almost inconceivable that the mobile electronics industry is about the same age as Dealerscope, but everything in early automobiles, including the ignition systems, was controlled mechanically (ignition systems were controlled via mechanical "points and condensers"). Everyone takes for granted that you can hop into your car, click the key and it will start instantly. But mobile electronics are responsible for the evolution of the car as a reliable, safe and relatively economical mode of transportation. It is electronic technology that has harvested the caveats of the modern vehicle. And the electronic technology revolution

The secret behind Sounds Like Music's hybrid business model—a store for the 21st century By Natalie Hope McDonald Dave Wiggs knows there's a friendly war brewing between home theater installers and major out-of-the-box retailers. But you wouldn't know it to judge this president's newest store. Sounds Like Music, the Phoenix, Arizona-based home theater, telecommunications, lighting and security provider, operates on the schizophrenic notion that both camps can, in fact, get along. Wiggs is both retailer and custom installer. Now on his third branch in the chain, the company's corporate infrastructure banks on two specific high-end markets: showroom buying and custom home installing.

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