Around this time of year is when car audio enthusiasts get excited for the product they have been ogling since CES.  Well, MTX is unleashing its latest crop of amplifiers in this round of new product shipping.  One nice thing is how well they blend with MTX's new subwoofers for a uniform look for a really clean installation.  You just a need an amplifier bridge to join a Thunder 1000.1 and a 75.4 and you'll have the basis for an incredible sound system.

MTX Audio has announced it will be launching several new products at CES 2013 including a completely redesigned group of amplifiers and two new groups of subwoofers that are both designed with superior performance capabilities and new aesthetics.

MTX will be showcasing the new Thunder Series amplifiers that boast the lowest mortality rates due to customer destruction and illustrate MTX's commitment to delivering the ultimate combination of performance and value. The Thunder amplifiers offer a new bold look and style and will include three new models including 2 mono blocks and a 4

He's not afraid to take action where it is needed or to tell people just where a situation stands. And he is respected by his peers for his efforts and ideas. But, in the middle of it all, the newest member of the Dealerscope Hall of Fame likes to have fun. Loyd Ivey, chairman and CEO of MTX, started his company as a small manufacturer of speakers back when it was a receiver, turntable and two speakers. Today, as MTX has grown to a mid-sized company, it is easy to do business with. "You can pick up a phone and call us," Ivey said.

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