Portland, Ore.

Every day, companies small and large announce a revolutionary “green” product or technology. Yet how is a consumer, dealer or competitor manufacturer able to verify and compare such claims? “Right now, there’s not an agreed-upon industry standard” by which to evaluate consumer technology products on multiple sustainable criteria, said Gregg Chason, vice president of industry affairs and relations at Philips. Major CE manufacturers, like Philips, Panasonic and Sony, have long operated environmental programs influencing both company products and processes, and they are increasing intensity. For example, since 1998, Philips’ businesses operate under an EcoVision program that sets four-year targets for environmental improvement

800.com resisted trendy virtual retail and opted for control By David Dritsas Two years ago the term "dot-com" meant wealth, success, the wave of the future, etc. Fast forward to today, and the term elicits quite a different and opposite response. Amid the fallout and the pundits that claim "I told you so," or the failed entrepreneurs who cry, "Where did we go wrong?" sit a few dot-coms that haven't filed Chapter 11. Near the top of that list sits 800.com, a Web and catalog consumer electronics specialty retailer that is still growing even in these troubled times. Why aren't they hanging

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