Princeton, NJ

“There’s a concept called ‘cooperatition.’ It’s basically partnering with someone you would ususally view as a competitor and finding a win-win. Successful retailers know how to do this.” -Bill McCurry, a digital imaging retail consultant based in Princeton, NJ. McCurry’s example of “cooperatition” was a local camera shop teaching digital photography workshops in a Babies “R” Us store, attracting attention to both businesses.

Whirlpool's EZ Water Filter Fridges Whirlpool introduces its UltraEase Water Filtration System in models GD25DF and GD22DF side-by-side refrigerators. The filter is located behind the front base grill to keep it out of sight but accessible and delivers clean water and ice. When the filter needs to be replaced, an interior light is activated. An "R" series ships first in June, which does not include the indicator light, and the higher-featured "G" series, part of the Whirlpool Gold line, is to arrive in July. Call (800) 321-7613. Miele Heads Full-Force Into U.S. Miele, the European appliance manufacturer, this month will open its Beverly Hills, Calif., showroom and

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