CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro will deliver a keynote address at the SINOCES event in China in July, CEA announced Monday.

This year's edition of SINOCES will take place in July, with focuses on 3D, telecommunications and connected home appliances,

Jean-Luc Decroo and Peter Opdebeeck, Dectel Corporation, Belgium The first CD and DVD technologies were invented by Belgian engineers working for the Royal Philips company over a decade ago. Not since the personal calculator, the very first consumer electronics product, had technology so whetted the global consumer’s appetite. Home and portable CD and DVD players still sell strong all over the world. So, what do the Belgians say is the next big thing? “Personal GPS,” says Jean-Luc Decroo, CEO of Dectel, a Belgian distribution company which develops consumer electronics products and provides services for retailers. “Now that we’re seeing a combination of local software content

Tourists and townies working up a thirst walking around the beach town of Qingdao, China (on the East Coast, facing the Yellow Sea), need only to stroll over to one of the city’s largest CE retailers, a chain called Suning. Every weekend, Suning employees stand at the door handing out free sodas to everyone who ventures in to check out products ranging from fans and air conditioners, prominently featured in the summer time, to one of the best selections of cellphones on the planet. Zhao Hai Bin, General Manager of one of Suning’s 350 retail outlets, says he’s always looking for new promotion concepts. He’s

China’s top manufacturers have established themselves as the go-to source for consumer electronics distributors and retailers. So why can’t they seem to stand up for themselves in the American marketplace? Americans can rattle off names of Japanese and Korean CE companies, but very few U.S. consumers could name even one Chinese brand, much less recognize a Chinese company’s mascot or slogan. (Here’s a test: Name the company with the tag line, “Science has feeling if love exists!” That’d be the Chinese electronics giant, Hisense.) Two of China’s top CE companies, Haier and Hisense, met with a delegation from CEA this week during

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