San Diego, California

AT&T is reportedly looking to acquire San Diego, California based carrier, Leap Wireless.

Last week at the CTIA fall show in San Diego, California, machine-to-machine, otherwise known as M2M, made a big splash as device vendors, manufacturers, carriers, and partners look forward to the future to envision a connected and inter-connected world beyond smartphones. At the LG booth, the smartphone manufacturer showed off some concepts for the connected smart home that extends beyond while at the same time leveraging the convergence power of smartphones today. With its LG Smart Home, the company demonstrated a refrigerator, laundry machine, and connected vacuum cleaner that can tap into the Internet

Qualcomm Inc plans to dominate the supply of wireless chips for tablet devices such as Apple's iPad with its $3.2 billion planned purchase of Atheros Communications Inc. The San Diego based company is already a major supplier of microchips that handle data and voice communication in phones. But until now, Qualcomm has made less progress on its own in developing chips that incorporate advanced

By David Dritsas NEW YORK—It's been a significant year for Sony Electronics. Last week, Harris Interactive announced that Sony tops its list in the annual Harris Poll of "best brands" for the fifth consecutive year. Yet, the behemoth is working this year to redefine it's role in the industry. This week, Sony executives, including Dick Komiyama, president and COO, sat down to talk about the changes, some looking towards the future of new products and others that bring the company up to speed with current trends in which it has been lagging. Corporately speaking, the biggest change has been the transition of Sony Electronic's

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