Despite Google TV having fizzled at launch last year, the company's management still believes in the concept and is pursuing new partnerships for it.

Sales Representative, Aldburn Electronics Age: 26 Education: B.A., psychology/economics, University of Victoria Career History: Remington has been a part of his father’s business his whole life. During college, he spent five months interning with Linn, audio system manufacturer based in Scotland. Greatest Business Achievements: Being a part of Aldburn receiving “Best Respresentative Firm” from Runco; “Representative of the Year” from Runco. Advice: “Listen. Stop talking. Think about who you are getting advice from. Not all advice is good advice.”

Jean-Luc Decroo and Peter Opdebeeck, Dectel Corporation, Belgium The first CD and DVD technologies were invented by Belgian engineers working for the Royal Philips company over a decade ago. Not since the personal calculator, the very first consumer electronics product, had technology so whetted the global consumer’s appetite. Home and portable CD and DVD players still sell strong all over the world. So, what do the Belgians say is the next big thing? “Personal GPS,” says Jean-Luc Decroo, CEO of Dectel, a Belgian distribution company which develops consumer electronics products and provides services for retailers. “Now that we’re seeing a combination of local software content

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