Compustar, makers of car remote start and security systems, has announced the release of six vehicle-specific T-harness bundles for installing remote start. These T-harness solutions will cover 17 vehicle makes, which include Ford, GMC, and Chrysler.

Compustar T-harness bundles will be divided into three series: FO (Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda), GM (GMC, Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac), and CH (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep). Each of these T-harnesses will come preloaded with all necessary firmware, eliminating the need to "flash" the controllers. They will be bundled with a Compustar 1- way, extended-range remote kit.

ASSOCIATED VOLUME BUYERS/BRAND SOURCE 100 S. Anaheim Blvd., Suite 250 Anaheim, Calif. 92805 Phone: (714) 502-9620 Fax: (714) 502-9627 Web site: Bob Lawrence, CEO Mark Pardini, President Jeff Tracy, Vice President Skip Ignaczak, Vice President Bill Pleasants, Sr., Vice President Kathy Maloney, Comptroller Mike Allen, General Manager, Furniture Bob Donaldson, General Manager, Marketing Jim Ristow, General Manager, Electronics John White, General Manager, Appliances Members: 4,000 Annual Sales Volume: $11 Billion Storefronts: 5,000 Regions: 17 Divisions: 8 Sleep Source Home Entertainment Source Gourmet Source Outdoor Source Brand Source Flooring Gallery Marta TRIB Mega Key Suppliers — Electronics:

1 1 Dell 37.43 B 36.28 B 3.17 37.43 B 36.28 B 1 N/A 1 Dell Way Round Rock, TX 78682 512-338-4400 Michael Dell Public, EO (MO/Web) 2 2 Best Buy 22.48 B 19.45 B 15.58 29.97 B 26.65 B 858 742 7601 Penn Ave. South Richfield, MN 55423 612-291-1000 Bradbury H. Anderson Public, ATVM (+Web) 3 3 Wal-Mart 23.49 B 21.68 B 1.81 234.87 B 216.77 B 3,689 3,461 702 SW Eighth St. Bentonville, AR 72716 479-273-4000 H. Lee Scott Jr. Public, MM (+Web) 4 4 Circuit City 11.93 B 10.79 B 10.56 11.93 B 10.79 B 653 631 9950 Maryland Dr. Richmond, VA 23233 804-527-4000 Philip J. Schoonover Public, EO (+Web) 5 5 Staples 8.1 B 7.23 B 12.03 15.41 B 13.85 B 1,576 1,491 500 Staples

New companies in the CE industry pop up everyday, but not everyone brings a fresh new business model to the table, and some names will disappear as quickly as they appeared. But there are those that do succeed and push the industry in new and exciting directions. This month the editors at Dealerscope picked 10 new or emerging companies covering different corners of our market—retail, distribution, and service—we think offer new and interesting concepts and strategies. Time will tell if they have what it takes to become CE superstars, but for now they certainly have a good start. Service provider CE Interactive CEO: Dean

Success in audio By David Dritsas It would be really easy to attribute Definitive Audio's success to location. The myth of Seattle, Wash., is tied so irrevocably to Microsoft and a belief that the population abounds with high-tech, wealthy intelligentsia, ready and eager to spend money on high-end consumer electronics. But such an assumption wouldn't be a fair assessment for the a dealership whose hard work and perserverance has kept it at the top of its game. The truth about Seattle is that it is just a susceptible to the problems of any major city, and the quest for attaining and retaining customers is

The foundations for living a three-generation legend By Janet Pinkerton The Blumkin family is the stuff of business legends, a three-generation story of force of will and business savvy that reaches back to Tsarist Russia and still thrives on a Nebraska Furniture Mart's 77-acre campus in Omaha. The NFM dynasty begins with Rose Blumkin, a Russian emigrant to the United States who founded the business as a furniture store in an Omaha basement in 1937 with $500 borrowed from her brother. Before she died in August 1998 at the age of 104, she would check on the store daily—by phone or in person—to see

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