Sherman Oaks

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

Like many specialty dealers at this year’s CEDIA Expo, Bill Skaer was looking for products, solutions and strategies that will work for a wide range of customer demographics. With pocketbooks tightening and competition increasing, “Any customer worth having is worth winning” goes the mantra among independent dealers and specialty retailers.

“I expect to see the real emergence at this show of media servers, media devices and media centers. Suppliers are designing systems that all customers can use, and the price-points are more accessible than ever. The latter is good news, in that systems are becoming more affordable to all, but then we need to realize we have to remodel our businesses to being more design-oriented and labor-intensive to make up for that affordability. “I personally haven’t seen costs going up on products, despite suppliers having to pay more for materials. We’re six months into the gas crunch, and we’re down a

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