Control4 this week announced dates for its 2013 Dealer Tour Training program. The tour gets underway April 30 in Houston, and will travel as far as Dubai, Singapore, China and Australia.

Toshiba Corp. (Tokyo) and Toshiba Asia Pacific Ltd. will be showcasing its latest environmental products and technologies at the Eco-Products International Fair 2013 (EPIF 2013) in Singapore from March 14 to 16.

Toshiba will exhibit a range of products for industry and consumers, with a focus on environmental benefits.

Among the home appliances displayed will be:
* washing machines that use less power and water, including use of the quiet S-DD inverter Motor
* low power refrigerators
* home LED lighting

Toshiba has announced the introduction of TabletMan, a new global brand character to promote its tablet products.

Samsung Electronics will not flounder because of its lack of software focus in the past, and its recent impetus in developing and partnering other software vendors to bolster its competency in this area means it will soon strike a good balance between both to stay competitive and successful.

That was the opinion of Hwang Chang-gyu, national CTO of the South Korean government, who was in town to participate in a panel discussion Wednesday organized by the National University of Singapore Business School.

Chang, previously the CTO of Samsung between 2008 and 2010

At the ongoing Nokia Connection event being held in Singapore, Nokia has just launched its latest smartphone offering - the all powerful, Meego-based Nokia N9 smartphone. At first look, one thing that you’ll immediately noticed about this smartphone is that it sports a pure-touch interface. According to Nokia, the N9 focuses on important things that users do most.

The United States continues to lag other nations in its use of computing and communications technology, according to issued Tuesday by the . For the second consecutive year, the United States finished fifth in the studys comparison of 138 countries that make up 98.8 percent of the worlds total . Sweden was first, followed by Singapore, Finland and Switzerland. These rankings, for 2010, are based on an index of 71 economic and social indicators, as diverse as new patents, mobile phone subscriptions and availability of venture capital. The annual reports began in 2001, after the collapse of the Internet

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