Sioux City, Iowa

Vance Pflanz, the founder of Pflanz Electronics in Iowa and a longtime fixture with CEA, BrandSource, and other industry associations, passed away last Thursday at the age of 75.

Jon Myer knew that drastic times call for drastic measures. What he didn't know was just how drastic those measures should be.

 CE retailers and buying group leaders don’t pull any punches when talking about the scan-down/instant-rebate promotions used to drive high-volume TV sales.

Vance Pflanz of Pflanz Electronics in Sioux City, Iowa, knew his was a rural market. But that still didn’t prepare him for the local response to his company’s participation in the digital television converter box coupon program. Although the February 17th analog shut off is more than seven months away, Pflanz recently estimated he was selling roughly 100 DTV converter boxes a week from his single location, with most people buying two converter boxes at a time. “A lot of people have antennas,” Pflanz said of Sioux City’s rural market. “A lot of people have a TV in kitchen with rabbit ears or

What product trends and new technologies intrigued attendees at the Denver convention this year – and how do they expect those products to help them better their businesses, with the dreaded Black Friday/fourth quarter just around the bend? Here, a couple of opinions from those we bumped into on the show floor on Day Two… John Flanner, Flanner’s Home Entertainment, Brookfield, Wisc.: “It’s been a really good CEDIA Expo. From what I’ve seen here, the industry is clearly trying to provide more complete customer solutions. The focus in the last couple of years has been on TV technology, but that’s less

Retailers talk about what they hope to get out of CES. “We’ll be looking at all the high-definition DVD format brands, for both Blu-ray and HD DVD, at CES. We’ll also be looking to add PS3 to our inventory. In general technology, of course, high-definition TV is driving our business, and so we’ll be looking for technologies related to that—such as easier-to install surround-sound audio systems so that we can easily offer customers a complete home entertainment experience. I, for one, am very happy that the high-end audio exhibits have been moved to the Venetian. At the Alexis Park, you used to show

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