Sixth Avenue

Sixth Avenue Electronics City Inc., with more than 15 locations in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, was sued by a financing affiliate of General Electric Co. (GE) seeking to collect $9.6 million in debt.

GE Commercial Distribution Finance Corp. contends it provided inventory financing for Springfield, New Jersey-based Sixth Avenue beginning in 2007, and that the electronics retailer is in default of payments.

“Borrower has failed and refused to remit the past-due payments,” and GE “is lawfully entitled to possession of the inventory,” GE lawyers said

It's time for a victory dance at Bob & Ron's World Wide Stereo, the $12-million-a-year custom retailer that got a big scare in May 2009. That's when North Jersey-based Sixth Avenue Electronics, with $400 million in annual sales, made its Pennsylvania debut - right across the street from Bob & Ron's Montgomeryville flagship store. In the electronics business for more than three decades, Bob Cole, one of the store's namesakes - "Ron" was among his first hires - had known many tests. But none quite as obnoxiously close as this one. Cole's salespeople pressed their faces to the window

Sixth Avenue Electronics opened its first store in Southern New Jersey over the weekend. The new store is in Deptford, N.J.

Growing up in New York City means a kid spends a lot of time around storefronts and a lot of time on the bus. For Haig Vartivarian, that time was perfect for nurturing an interest in electronics. “I’d walk through all those little mom & pop electronics boutiques and just learn so much,” says the present-day Sixth Avenue Electronics Imaging Buyer who was hooked on all sorts of mobile music players and cameras from his teen years on. While Vartivarian was in his fourth year of college studying chemistry, he noticed some of his friends were making $80 K or more as salesman,

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