South Africa

Best Buy is planning several events pegged to the start of the FIFA World Cup, which gets underway later this week in South Africa, with the some help from Sony and ESPN.

Comcast Corp. May 12 said it would be the first cable operator to carry ESPN 3D, beginning June 11 with the inaugural 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer match between South Africa and Mexico.

For two trade partners who’ve spent the last decade creating an unprecedented profit channel one manufacturing & distributing deal at a time, China’s electronics makers and U.S. buyers are moving into a new era of what seems to be mutual wariness. At the Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair this week, trade council officials spoke of focusing their energies on “less mature” markets like South Africa or Brazil, eyeing America’s sub-prime crisis and possible recession. Meanwhile, the Americans on the fair showfloor expressed concerns with China’s rising labor costs, taxes, and the quality of merchandise that makes it into shipping containers. “I’d say

Lensbabies, LLC has announced that they now have worldwide distribution of the Lensbaby family of selective focus SLR camera lenses and accessories. “The most respected industry distributors are now representing Lensbabies in nearly all key markets around the world, from Germany to Japan, from Russia to South Africa,” the company said in a released statement. Lensbabies, LLC now distributes its product line directly to retail stores in eth United States and Canada. “Lensbabies is very excited to have aligned ourselves with 35 premier distributors in all of the major markets around the world,” said Sam Pardue, CEO of Lensbabies. “Not only has the

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