Take your music on the road By Brett Solomon Mass digital storage devices have come down in price and entered the vehicle. Three mainstream consumer electronics companies are offering mass storage technology to accompany top-of-the-line CD receivers. Two units (from Pioneer and Sony, respectively) integrate directly into the dashboard and are installed just like a standard car stereo. The other unit from Kenwood installs just like a typical CD changer. Pioneer Electronics has the DEH-P90HDD (SRP $2,000). Michael Townsen, vice president of marketing for Pioneer Mobile Entertainment, said, "The DEH-P90HDD converges computer technology with car audio. Consumers can now store their favorite

NEW ORLEANS--The slowly but steadily growing pressure of electronics imaging products at the Photographic Marketing Association's (PMA) annual new product bash was readily apparent. And it was not only the fact that more traditional film camera manufacturers are beefing up their digital product input. The number of primarily electronic companies taking space at PMA is definitely on the rise. Also apparent is the increasing number of megapixel (one million pixel) digital still cameras popping up. Miniaturization is a growing factor -- in all three types of cameras: digital, 35mm point and shoot and Advanced Photo System (APS)--along with the appearance of more APS units coming

LAS VEGAS-Like a soft summer breeze, the spectre of digital consumer electronics blew gently through COMDEX/Fall '97 as the computer industry prepared for the start of a new era. While there were batches of new palmtops, most notably those based on Microsoft Windows CE 2.0, heaps of new monitors, digital cameras and image editing software, in the back meeting rooms, DTV was in the air. Even on the show floor engineers were discussing how the computing industry and consumer electronics industry would live together in the digital TV era. For a show supposedly about computers, there was a great deal of talk about digital TV and

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