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Almo Corp. announced Wednesday the schedule for its Almo Consumer Electronics & Appliance Expo series. The events feature free manufacturer training, one-on-one meetings and peer networking events.

The Consumer Electronics Association this week will kick off a 30-state nationwide tour meant to push its support of free trade, and the mayor of New York City will help get things underway Monday. Mayor Michael Bloomberg will host a press conference Monday at J&R Music world in downtown Manhattan, where he will be accompanied by J&R CEO Rachelle Friedman, as well as CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro. From there, the tour will move on to Philadelphia and Baltimore, before a rally is held on Capitol Hill Thursday. The tour will also make appearances both at the Democratic National Convention in Denver

How to risk it all, several times, and win-win By Janet Pinkerton For Best Buy founder Richard M. Schulze, risk is life—carefully gauged and addressed head-on, always with an eye towards diversifying future options. In the mid 1960s, the head of North America's largest electronics retailer was a sales representative working for his father in the era of 30-day manufacturer contracts, a rep who wanted into retailing. "It was really driven by my own desire to take control of my own destiny," Schulze said. "Early in the game, I discovered that your individual future was not in your own hands when manufacturers had the

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.—A bouncing smiley face would never work for Target. This mass merchandizer wants a different image, one that says value with class. With an upscale, hipper advertising campaign, Target aims for an upscale customer. "The typical Target customer would be a young, educated family with children, with a higher-than-average income," Steve Birke, Target's vice president, general merchandise manager, said. The store lures its customers, or guests, with clean, brightly lit stores and "by constantly challenging and reinventing ourselves with product lines," Birke said. It's Target's ability to differentiate itself from other mass merchandisers that makes it stand out and gives it its spark.

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