St. Petersburg

As Circuit City exits the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg market- and every other- another retailer is planning to take its place.

By Gary Arlen President, Arlen Communications Whenever I talk about MovieLink, CinemaNow, AtomFilms or any of the emerging and legitimate download and streaming movie services, one of the first questions is invariably: "Do you just watch them on your computer screen?" As if there were something wrong with that! But, in fact, broadband delivery of online movies leads well beyond the desktop and laptop-directly to the digital video screens that are promulgating in American homes.  The other oft-asked question is how long it takes for a movie to download. We're no longer in a dial-up modem world, with its painfully slow transmission. Broadband

Tampa/St. Petersburg/Sarasota Entrances & Exits: Sarasota's Southgate Plaza added a number of stores ranging in interest from GNC to Home Resource. Toys-R-Us opened a new-concept store in the city and Old Navy is on its way. Service Merchandise came to Bradenton and plans to open a store in Venice. Office Depot opened new stores in Tampa and Venice and plans to open a site in Murdock in December. Gateway Computers is opening a retail store in the Gulf Gate Area of St. Petersburg and Ellentown's Prime Outlets is adding 35 new stores. A local real estate specialist is proposing additional shops in Clearwater's downtown.

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