Tampa, Fla.

RadioShack is giving consideration to moving its corporate headquarters from the Dallas area to another city and has given consideration to Tampa, Fla

Dish Network on Thursday announced the termination of ten retailers, eight in the U.S. and two in Puerto Rico, accusing the retailers of "illegal activity including fraud and misrepresentation when establishing customer accounts" in relation to Dish products.

Commentary by Harry Elias, Executive VP and COO, JVC Company of America About 10 years ago, in my travels, I walked out of a Best Buy in Dayton, Ohio, and saw REX TV next door and Circuit City, Sun TV and Sears up the street. Five major retailers within a shopping parking lot. In Dayton, Ohio, yet! I said at the time, "There's no way it's going to work," and it didn't work. A 1983 NATM plaque on the wall of my office now reads like a tombstone. Lechmere, Luskins, Highland, Steinbergs, Brick Church, Silo, Sun TV—they are all gone. Circuit City and REX

By Markkus Rovito Pass by the ticket booth, pick up some popcorn and plop down in the seat in the center of the aisle. Another night out at the cineplex? Try a night in your own private screening room instead. Electronic Interiors, a new store opened in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., by Sound Advice, Inc., can customize a state-of-the-art home cinema complete with theater-style seating, corn popper and ticket window, not to mention the most advanced audio and video home theater technology. Opened late 2000, the new store is not a traditional cash-and-carry outlet, but more of a showroom for top-of-the-line consumer

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