Mobile Solutions is offering 12-volt dealers a chance for hands-on training in “exteme” fabrication at its Tempe, Ariz., headquarters. Until recently, the company offered only basic and expert courses on the road, across the U.S. and Canada. The five-day Extreme Fabrication course is designed to allow experienced technicians and fabricators to enhance their capacities and offer their customers “something nobody else in their area is doing,” according to Bryan Schmitt, founder of Mobille Solutions. So far this year, technicians from as far away as Italy and Denmark have converged on Tempe for the seminar. While everyone who’s come so far was already working professionally, the company

Phoenix Entrances & Exits: Office Depot turned up the heat in Phoenix this year, adding five new locations. Among them: Glendale, Mesa, Tempe and two in Scottsdale. Circuit City added a store in the market. Two new CompUSA stores opened and one closed; one former Computer City location became a CompUSA. Costco moved one location and plans to add one by year's end. Economy: The area will see continued growth although at a slower rate than last year. Small business owners are bracing for the slow-down. High-end custom installers will continue to grow, as the new housing market continues to boom. One such retailer,

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