Thousand Oaks, Calif.

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Newegg this week announced that it will open its first pop-up store later this week. The store, at the Oaks Shopping center in Thousand Oaks, Calif.,, will open from August 16-18.

Dealers across the country have been adjusting their business models, product sets and service offerings to offset whatever business they lost in the recession.

Director of Sales, Wilshire Home Entertainment, Thousand Oaks, Calif. Age: 36 Career History: Litt has been involved in the manufacturing and dealer sides of the retail and custom installation markets for more than 14 years. He owned and operated Custom Systems Technologies, a home integrator in Austin, Texas, for 12 years, sold the company and took a job as national sales manager at Monster Cable for about two years. Last year, he became director of sales at Wilshire Home Entertainment. Greatest Business Achievements: Besides starting up and running his own company, Litt sat on CEDIA’s board of directors, served as a member of

Retailers talk about what they hope to get out of CES. Dealerscope sat down and spoke to retailers about their plans at CES. Jamie Stephens, President, Pacific Sound and Video, Bismarck, N.D. I always go to CES. My prime focus there is to negotiate with vendors on better programs. My goal this year will be to trim up some of the lines we carry. There’s a lot of overlapping. I will try to be more supportive this year with a more select group of vendors. It’s always nice to go there to get in front of the people who make

Dealerscope sits down and speaks to retailers about their plans at CES. “The main things we look for at CES are to meet with existing vendors, and, since I’ve just joined HTSA’s board, to meet with prospective vendors. At our store, we recently added lighting. Another goal is also to look at what’s coming from our existing vendors, and to get a handle on how technologies outside our core product lines can affect the systems we sell. For example, we’ve spent time recently in upgrading our displays with Mac Minis to enhance them. We will be looking at other lighting and networking

They work hard; most play hard, but all are making a difference within their companies and beyond. They're the Dealerscope 40 Under 40 -- 40 men and women already recognized for their achievements early in their careers. Dealerscope is proud to introduce this year's 40 Under 40 profiles, representing the industry's best and brightest. Compiled by the Dealerscope Staff Nasser Abo Abdo President, Audiobahn, Inc., Buena Park, Calif. Age: 35 First industry job: In retail, at Stereo Center in Santa Ana, CA, 1981 Career history: Nasser was at Stereo Center for two years and in 1984 started his own retail store, Pacific Stereo. By

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