Thousand Oaks

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“The real estate situation has had a definite impact here.” So said Wilshire Home Entertainment president Mike McMaster, a local L.A.-area hybrid custom retailer who offered the understatement as he was buttonholed in the corridors of the Long Beach EH Expo. McMaster’s remark was in sync with stats presented at a morning seminar that showed West Coast housing starts January through September down 27.1 percent – more than in the Midwest (-26.5 percent), South (-25.7 percent) and Northeast (-14.5 percent). But he is optimistic that builders, who he said are “throwing in value-added extras like flooring” in order to break the

California retailer Wilshire Home Entertainment announced earlier this month that Mike McMaster has been named its new president. McMaster, a 12-year veteran of the company who had previously been operations manager and chief financial officer for the company, replaces Lyn Perry, who will remain on board as CEO. McMaster, a graduate of the exclusive Entrepreneur Program at the University of Southern California, is a part-owner of the company as well. The retailer, which operates locations in Thousand Oaks and Valencia, has won the Retailer of the Year award from Audio/Video International for each of the past six years.

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