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Dealerscope profiles the top 10 retail demographic market areas, reporting on 2000 retail entrances and exits, regional economic highlights and outlooks for 2001. 1. New York Entrances and Exits: Due to the enormous success of its Bang & Olufsen showroom opened in 1999 in lower Manhattan, Harvey Electronics opened its second Bang & Olufsen showroom in the NYC metropolitan area in Greenwich, Conn., last October. The showroom is a few blocks from the Greenwich Harvey Electronics. J&R Music World expanded with the opening of its new retail computer store in its Park Row outpost in Manhattan. Wolf Camera opened two "Vision"

U.S. Listing for the consumer Electronics and Major Appliance trade In this section, Dealerscope profiles the top 10 retail demographic market areas, reporting on 1999 retail entrances and exits, regional economic highlights and outlooks for 2000. 1. New York City Entrances & Exits: When Circuit City opened its first store in New York City in 1998, it proved to other national chains that the big rent of the big city is quickly compensated by the big spenders in the big city. Consequently, the Big Apple in the last year saw even more megastore openings. Office Depot opened its first Manhattan store—a 21,000-sq.-ft .store

New York Entrances & Exits: The city's first Circuit City superstore made its appearance in 1998, part of an overall trend that sees national chains opening large stores on the streets of The Big Apple. While it may make shopping easier for out-of-town visitors, portions of the city could lose their charm. The bottom line, Tops Appliance City President Rich Jones said, is the competition has been good. "It's made the market more interesting.…But there's still room in the market for a well-run regional to prosper." Tops, itself, added two new Manhattan stores since August 1998 to total nine outlets in the New York

Slave (to PC Inventory) No More By Janet Pinkerton Building PCs for customer orders taken at retail: Manufacturers want it. Retailers want it. This next step in supply chain management could mean more precious margin--for vendors and, maybe, retailers. Ah, but to do BTO well: to offer the customer what they want, keep component inventory tight but available, deliver on time, maintain quality assurance/quality control, build the volume needed to make it all worthwhile. Therein lies the challenge. Circuit City is readying a multivendor build-to-order pilot that is to launch in August, with Compaq, Hewlett Packard, IBM and NEC Packard Bell slated to particpate.

By Laura Spinale Except for a couple of powerhouse retailers, the word that seemed to be leaping off major appliance retailers lips this past year was "turnaround." And with good reason. Retailers retrenched, closed stores, cut product lines, even filed for bankruptcy. But now, it seems, the worst is over, with some painful lessons learned. It's a flat market, but some major appliance retailers have learned, or are learning, to survive. The nation's top 25 major appliance retailers in 1997 pulled down $10.29 billion in category sales, representing a slight drop from the $10.47 billion garnered in 1996. Despite Montgomery Ward's fiscal woes (it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

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