David Thomas, CEO at Evident, is an accomplished cybersecurity entrepreneur. He has a history of introducing innovative technologies, establishing them in the market, and driving growth – with each early-stage company emerging as the market leader.

For a while now, Google has been using Currys PC World stores across the UK to promote its latest Chromebooks, Chromecast and Nexus devices. The company normally takes over a small section of the shop with its own decor, demo stations and staff, which naturally attract the attention of curious customers.

The new payment option is only available in the US and UK -- and only on Apple's website at this point. This is the first time Apple has supported PayPal as a payment option for physical items, such as iPhones, iPads and Macs. Screenshot by Lance...

Samsung may have difficulty, to say the least, in meeting Gear S release deadlines in the UK, but intriguingly enough, the US rollout seems to be going ahead as planned. It’s obvious the company is merely following the money, dear British readers, so don’t be too sad.

Apple’s product line has gone went through some changes as of late. The company unveiled the iPhone 5c with 8GB storage, which is currently available in the UK. Now, as was also rumored, Apple has discontinued the iPad 2 and replaced it with the iPad 4 with retina display, which costs just $399 for the 16GB model.

The Sony Playstation 4 seems to be a success that the company is following up another version. It’s more of a very slim version and not necessarily with different specs. A teaser was recently spotted showing what could be the “slimmest” Playstation. Others are saying it’s just the UK launch of the Vita Playstation TV.

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