Union, N.J.

Electronics Expo officially opened its seventh store on Nov. 14, located on busy Route 22 in Union, N.J. The store features glass enclosed home theater vignettes, soft interior colors and carefully positioned merchandise, mainly to appeal to female customers. To see a slideshow of the opening on Dealerscope.com, click here, and look in the January issue of Dealerscope for more coverage.

Home Depot will be rolling out “supersized” versions of its already “big box” stores, as it looks to gain shares of markets not traditionally associated with the chain, according to a story today in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. One of the first superstores will be built in Union, N.J. At 225,000 square feet, it will be nearly the size of four football fields. The superstore concept is a test, according to the AJC. Home Deport reports it’s still working out the product mix at the store, but at nearly twice the size of most Home Depots, chances are the company will add even more to its already

New York Entrances & Exits: The city's first Circuit City superstore made its appearance in 1998, part of an overall trend that sees national chains opening large stores on the streets of The Big Apple. While it may make shopping easier for out-of-town visitors, portions of the city could lose their charm. The bottom line, Tops Appliance City President Rich Jones said, is the competition has been good. "It's made the market more interesting.…But there's still room in the market for a well-run regional to prosper." Tops, itself, added two new Manhattan stores since August 1998 to total nine outlets in the New York

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