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Vutec this week announced the hiring of several Manufacturer’s Representative firms for its Home Theater division. 

 Here was the plan: Open up “discount superstores” adjacent to major CE retailers; make TVs the No. 1 attraction; offer the absolute lowest prices anywhere; and rapidly expand, opening up new stores every two months.

In 2006, Dell was affected by a massive recall of Sony batteries—batteries Dell uses to power many of its laptops. In early 2007, the company opened its first store in Shanghai. Store counts and sales represent the company’s United States operations only. Best Buy Canada is covered elsewhere in this registry. Wal-Mart is aggressively remodeling many of its stores, and some analysts believe that it will take several months before its sales begin to benefit from those efforts. Sales and store counts represent United States and Canadian operations only. Falling prices on flat panel TVs helped account for Circuit City’s disappointing third quarter sales,

K2 Mounts, which markets the X-arm robotic flat-panel mount as well as a full range of manual mounts, appointed 16 rep firms for sales and support its products in North America. “Having well-established, knowledgeable representation throughout the country and in Canada and Mexico is a key component to the successful launch of our robotic-based flat panel mounts in our intended market: the AV specialty channel,” said Tony Grasso, K2’s vice president of sales and marketing. “We have appointed a cadre of top-flight rep firms with a thorough understanding of the channel and of the virtually unique benefits our robotic mounts bring to AV specialists.”

What makes a leader rock? Foremost, it's leadership. When Dealerscope set out to put together this issue, we asked readers and associates to nominate leaders in the consumer electronics industry whose influence and vision extend beyond the brands they promote or the stores they run. We wanted people with foresight, who inspire and motivate their employees—people with the drive to go farther and do better. We wanted executives who are as good for the CE business as the CE business is for them. Each person appearing below is just that kind of individual.The goal was to find some of the best minds

Staying independent in the Best Buy family By Natalie Hope McDonald Smaller business' bogeyman isn't always bigger business. In 2000, Best Buy bought Magnolia Hi-Fi. Though at first it may have seemed like just another way to gobble up the little guy, it wasn't. Instead, independent-spirited Magnolia got bigger, better and stronger thanks to the chain's support, said Jim Tweten, Magnolia's president and CEO. He's confident that by running with Best Buy, his own distinctive stores had a better chance of carving out a unique niche with mainstream financing. Don't believe him? Keep in mind it's personal; Tweten's father founded the store,

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