The shutoff of analog TV signals on hundreds of stations last week reportedly went well, but one man in Missouri had a less-than-positive reaction. According to local news station KSDK, police were called to the home of a 70-year-old local man who had shot at his TV after it stopped working. The man, who had been drinking, was taken into custody.

A Milwaukee-area Kmart location became engulfed in mayhem last weekend when a misbegotten credit card promotion for Black Friday combined with a computer glitch to cause a major in-store brawl. According to reporting by the local television station WISN, the Kmart in Wauwatosa, Wisc., had run a promotion that granted $10 to anyone who applied for a credit card through the store. Meanwhile, a computer glitch in the company’s system caused every credit application to be approved, even if the applicant would not have normally qualified. And the approval gave the applicants instant in-store credit. By Saturday, once word got around that up to

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