West Virginia

Nationwide East Monday announced a pair of territory manager appointments. Daryle Jarman is the company's the new territory manager covering Eastern North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia, while Jerry Cole has been named territory manager for Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

John Varda (posing at right as the Maytag repairman) is not just a man with an appliance store, he’s his own brand. Each year after the holidays, Varda, owner of McIntosh Appliance in Spencer, West Virginia, hires a comic radio personality to fill the airwaves of his West Virginia town with clearance-sale spots like, “John’s cryyyyying ‘cause he’s losing all his profits!” “People love making fun of me,” he says. “They’ll walk in the store and ask, ‘Where’s your towel, John? You wiping those tears away?’ But I’ll tell you, it cleans out my inventory at the end of the year.” Varda spends half his promotional

Spokane's Huppin's Hi-Fi flexes the power of prudence with OneCall.com By Janet Pinkerton Specialty electronics e-commerce sites come and go, but the phones still ring at OneCall.com, and during business hours, a person—not a computer—always answers. In late October, OneCall relocated its warehouse, call center and administrative offices from three separate locations into a new centralized building. The goal: To improve efficiency, as this division of Huppin's Hi-Fi is on target to generate more than $60 million in sales this year—not bad for a 94-year-old, fourth-generation family business operating without public shareholders or venture capital. At the heart of OneCall's story is the retailer's

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