Westbury, N.Y.

The distribution consortium TAG: The Advantage Group announced last week that it has added the New York-based distributor known as David Distributing to its ranks. David, whose name stands for “Digital Audio Video Integration Distributors,” becomes TAG’s Metro North Eastern representative. David is based in Westbury, N.Y., on Long Island, and also operates a second location in Pine Brook, N.J. Its manufacturers include Boston Acoustics, NuVo, Request IQ and NuVo. David becomes TAG’s main distributor in the New York metro area; elsewhere in the Northeast, it has affiliates in Peabody, Mass. and Gaithersburg, Md.

New York Entrances & Exits: The city's first Circuit City superstore made its appearance in 1998, part of an overall trend that sees national chains opening large stores on the streets of The Big Apple. While it may make shopping easier for out-of-town visitors, portions of the city could lose their charm. The bottom line, Tops Appliance City President Rich Jones said, is the competition has been good. "It's made the market more interesting.…But there's still room in the market for a well-run regional to prosper." Tops, itself, added two new Manhattan stores since August 1998 to total nine outlets in the New York

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