We’ve been talking for years about the huge opportunities for consumer electronics sales emerging in China. The country has an enormous population, a growing middle and upper class and a hunger for the trappings of Western-style affluence. However, there’s another region in the world with as much market potential: the Middle East. Talk about growth—there’s more than $47 billion invested in new housing construction in the United Arab Emirates alone. The Middle East and North Africa are home to a $7 billion consumer electronics business that should experience double-digit growth through 2010. The population, particularly in the UAE, is young, wealthy and technology and

Hong Kong's Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) marks 25 years by meeting manufacturing competition from Mainland China head on By Nancy Klosek The gyrations of traditional Chinese dragons may have supplanted a Western-style ribbon-cutting at the opening of the bi-annual Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2005, but the overall flavor of the exhibition, which celebrated its 25th anniversary this fall, was decidedly international. The Fair, which ran Oct. 13 to 16—concurrent, for the ninth year, with the component-oriented electronicAsia exhibition—drew more than 2,120 exhibitors from 27 countries, reflecting a five percent expansion from 2004. "The Fair has been growing in size," says Benjamin Chau, assistant executive

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