Despite heavy bashing from pundits and market analysts, and low sales numbers translated into painful financial losses, Microsoft continues to put its unyielding trust in the Windows-based Surface tablets — both running Pro and RT flavors of the world’s most popular computer OS.

The now infamous HP Slate has become a lesson in how not to market a new consumer device.

Originally hailed as the "iPad killer" by Microsoft's sometimes over-reaching Steve Ballmer, the Slate became nothing but an investment killer as both Microsoft and HP shares took a nose dive after its unveiling at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show.

Ballmer failed to show anything of substance during the opening keynote of the show, displaying little more than a Kindle application and a touchscreen. As a result, pre-orders for the device were anemic at best, with news leaking that only

Microsoft's Windows 8 could have a much stronger focus on gaming, a slip alleged today. The developer is said making gaming not just important but a "key component for the whole OS." What that would entail wasn't given to the TechRadar source.

The company has made periodic attempts to improve gaming in Windows, starting with DirectX in Windows 95 and including more recent additions like the Games section in Vista and 7. However, the company doesn't have a simplified gaming app store

While the percentage of U.S. households that own a Mac computer has increased by 3 percent in the last year

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