Worcester, Mass.

Summertime is considered another business opportunity for Western Appliance, especially as the sales and marketing teams find new ways to move higher-margin, energy efficient products with "green" messaging.

Selling the Upscale Kitchen Edited by Grant Clauser When Dealerscope needed an insider's scoop on selling high-end cooking appliances, we naturally went to Alan Lavine of Percy's, in Worcester, Mass. Percy's, a one-store, family-owned operation (with seven working kitchens) has been serving central Massachusetts for 70 years, providing good service and good advice. Lavine, part of the Percy family, offers suggestions on what to say and how to sell to the high-end kitchen customer. What are customers' main concerns when shopping for high-end kitchen products? They all want to know about features. They want to know what makes one product different from

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