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Vutec this week announced the hiring of several Manufacturer’s Representative firms for its Home Theater division. 

Four years and a few upgrades ago, the first iPhones were sold in the United States.

Well, not all the states. The people of North and South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming — as if they needed a reminder that they live off the beaten path — had to watch the rest of the nation fawn over their must-have gadgets.

Those states are not served by AT&T, which was the exclusive carrier, making the sparsely populated region essentially one big iPhone dead zone.

The State Energy Office is reminding Wyoming residents to take advantage of rebates for energy efficient appliance purchases while funds still remain. As of Dec. 6, only 20 percent of the funds allocated to the program were still available. The Wyoming Appliance Rebate Program is funded by federal stimulus money. It aims to capture energy savings and spur economic growth around the state. Rebates are available for replacement of older appliances with new, ENERGY STAR-qualifying clothes washers, dishwashers, water heaters and furnaces

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