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 Best in Show 

Each year, the Dealerscope editors take the opportunity to highlight the products that stand out at CE Week. Those products are recognized as Best in Show honorees. This year, the Best in Show program received a little refresh.

Rather than pick a set number of products, the editors went through and rated each product on a scale of 1 to 10. Those scores were then tallied and averaged out, and the top products were chosen as Best in Show winners.

Gold winners were judged as products scoring a 9 or higher. Silver winners were products that scored between 8 and 8.9. And Bronze awards scored between a 7 and 7.9.

Even with the new format, the editors had a difficult time separating these products apart from one another. But, they did, and the result is what you see below. These are your 2017 CE Week Best in Show honorees.


NEXT Headphones

Cleer, Inc. | $699

Price, style, function. From the memory foam earpads to the 40mm ironless magnesium driver units, everything about Cleer's NEXT Headphone hits the nail on the head and makes it a stand out product in a very competitive high-performance headphone market.


Oomi Home

Fantem | $699

A Kickstarter darling, Oomi Home is connected tech at its finest. One of the biggest hurdles tech companies face with consumer adoption is education around smart home products. Oomi is the standard for simplicity.


MVH-2300NEX Digital Media In-Dash Receiver

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. | $400

Pioneer has once again hit a homerun with their MVH-2300NEX. The 7-inch LCD screen gives smartphone specific interfaces and plays nice with a multitude of music streaming and navigation apps making it an easy choice for Best in Show.


55" Smart 4K Ultra HDTV - Amazon Fire TV

Westinghouse Electronics | $649.99

Westinghouse and Amazon teamed up to bring consumers one of the first Amazon Fire TV Edition sets. The product represents a new way of engaging with the centerpiece of the living room thanks to Alexa integration, which allows for total control of the TV itself and any Alexa-enabled smart home products.


Smart Speaker

Cleer, Inc. | $149.99

Cleer has won over many ears with their ever-expanding line of headphones, but they are recognized here for their first Smart Speaker. This IPX7 water-resistant speaker is powered by Bluetooth 4.2, gets up to 15 hours of playback time, and has Amazon Alexa integration for quick access to news, weather, and other smart home controls.


SibEvo 5.1.2 ATMOS System

Focal North America | $1,299

Dolby ATMOS has taken the audio scene by storm and Focal is waiting on the horizon. Sib Evo is the second generation of Focal's iconic Sib range launched in 2002. With a price tag right on the nose, this is sure to leave its mark in the audio market.


Gravity Bluetooth Neckband Adapter

JLab Audio | $39.99

JLab is giving life to any pair of headphones by making them wireless thanks to the Gravity Bluetooth Neckband Adapter. With a 10-hour battery and built-in microphone, the JLab Gravity Bluetooth Neckband Adapter is innovation at its finest.



Odyssey Toys | $69.95

Why fuss around with all of those other toy drones out there when you can build your own? Odyssey Toys' Build-a-Drone kit is a fascinating way for kids to express their inner engineer with its 62 parts that come together in a number of ways, allowing for a toy drone that's unique to the user.


The Bond

Olibra | $99

The connected home market is sure to see a lot of faces come and go, but Olibra won't be one of them. Making an appearance at CES's Eureka Park in January, The Bond is changing the industry with a RF/Infrared controlling, Google/Alexa ready, smart home hub.



Olive & Dove | $199

The first over-the-door smart cam, Olive & Dove's product scored points for its easy-to-install setup, the one-year battery life, and a rich feature set that includes motion detection and smooth app controls.


ZEEQ Smart Pillow

REM-Fit | $699

How often have you found yourself with sore ears because you tried wearing headphones or earbuds to help you get to sleep? REM-Fit's ZEEQ Smart Pillow aims to solve that (and more). The pillow combines personal audio, sleep tracking, and anti-snoring technology to provide an optimal sleep setup.


WBU-900 Wireless Digital Backup Camera

Whistler Group | $249.95

No complicated setup, no fancy tools, no time wasted. The WBU-900 digital backup camera is a wallet-friendly camera that runs off solar panels while keeping an eye out for whats behind your car.


Everest Elite 750 NC

JBL by HARMAN | $299.95

JBL is jumping into the Active Noice Canceling game by stuffing it into a pair of their professional-grade headphones. Users have the ability to scale the amount of ANC, while enjoying a massive 20-hour battery life. It's a lot of function at just the right price point.



MEGAComfort Inc. | $74.95

Why trust a wrist-strapped device for step tracking when you can go right to the source? MEGAConfort's new Energysole slips right into the user's shoe and pairs with an app to provide real-time, step-by-step performance data.


ARIA's Adventures

Odyssey Toys | $39.95

Augmented Reality is quickly becoming the most exciting emerging market, and ARIA's Adventure is taking full advantage. Odyssey Toy's newest venture enables pictures to come to life right before your eyes, putting a brand new spin on the imagination.


Secure 360 WiFi

Waylens | $249

Dash cams get an upgrade with the Waylens Secure 360 WiFi. The company's patent-pending technology allows for high-definition image capture inside and surrounding the user's vehicle. Additional points for an elegant, clean design.