Dealerscope 2020
Hall of Fame

Getting the first Dealerscope issue of the new year on press is among the most satisfying tasks the editorial staff takes on in our annual cycle of print and online publishing. The reason? The opportunity we have to get up close and personal and learn about the backgrounds and career successes of our half-dozen Dealerscope Hall of Fame honorees.

In our profiling process, we always unearth some priceless anecdotes that those we honor have carried along with them on their career paths, and that have colored their outlook each step of the way. But we also get to learn about what still excites these luminaries about our ever-changing business, and what hopes for the future they still harbor for tech. It’s some of the best fun we have as writers, because we are mining information from some of the most engaging people in our sphere. They’re never dull, and they never want for an opinion or an insightful comment or two about the direction of a business that has enabled them to grow themselves – and to nurture and mentor others – in sometimes very surprising ways.

That said, we are pleased to offer you a sneak peek, below, into the careers and lives of our six 2020 Hall of Fame honorees.

Craig Birmingham

Craig Birmingham
VP & GM, Business & Consumer Solutions | Ingram Micro

Craig Birmingham of Ingram Micro has had a career peppered with varying levels of sales responsibilities, during which he continually honed the fine art of relationship cultivation that is a linchpin in any successful career. His confidence in the future of retail is what fuels and propels his optimism about where consumer technology will lead its retailers and the buyers who support its progression.

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Tom Campbell

Tom Campbell
Chief Technologist and Corporate Director | Video & Audio Center

Tom Campbell of Video and Audio Center is unique in a world of unique tech figures. Having cut his teeth in broadcasting, he has since forged a career that has become much wider than just CE, and has brought his expertise about the latest technologies into the homes of presidents, while acting front and center, in the service of retailing, as an evangelist to the public about technology.

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John Iacoviello

John Iacoviello
Senior Vice President, Sales | BSH

John Iacoviello of BSH boasts a career that has immersed him not only in the consumer electronics world but just as deeply in the appliances realm. He brought a skill set to both that is solidly founded in his stated philosophy of never burning bridges.

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Patricia Schoenberg

Patricia Schoenberg
President | Spectra Merchandising International, Inc.

Patricia Schoenberg of Spectra is a textbook example of just how far just the right mix of vision and leadership skills, along with building and cultivating a reputation for trustworthiness, can lead – in her case, to an extraordinary career journey.

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Lyle Smith

Lyle Smith
Senior VP & GM | HARMAN International

Lyle Smith at HARMAN International was once a future leader to watch at a very early stage in his career, when his passion for consumer technology led him up the retailing ladder to an eventual top position with a global audio vendor.

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Lois Whitman

Lois Whitman-Hess
President & Founder | HWH Public Relations

Lois Whitman-Hess of HWH Public Relations began her PR professional life on the other side of the fence, as a CE editor and reporter. Her curiosity and drive to learn and to both be mentored and then, to mentor others, has made for some seminal, industry-altering client relationships and a wealth of memories that came along with them.

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