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Allen & Petersen Cooking & Appliance Center isn’t what it used to be. The full-service retailer in Anchorage, Alaska, has evolved from a traditional appliance store into a gourmet-cooking outpost where aspiring chefs can find everything from kitchen gadgets and gourmet foods to high-end appliances. They can also enroll in cooking classes at the center’s own culinary school. “We wanted to be more than just an appliance store,” said Leon Barbachano, CEO of A&P. “Basically, we say that we sell the best equipment to cook on, the best tools to cook with and the instruction to tie it all together. The Cooking School is

There was a time when accessories were a category unto themselves. There were neatly displayed areas solely devoted to them. After selecting their audio gear, customers would follow their sales associate to the accessory wall and receive the appropriate length of speaker wire and a couple of RCA plugs. Those buying large TVs might be sold cables to connect those sets to their audio systems. In the early days of video, some sales teams would remember to hand their prospects some blank tape, but, more frequently, those customers made their tape purchases at box stores or Radio Shack on their

D&M Maintains the High Ground As manufacturers continue to flood the retail market with low-cost products, sending average selling prices and margins further downstream, Vic Pacor of D&M Holdings prefers the high ground, far above the roiling waters. “There’s a terrific amount of interest in better gear and consideration for audio quality,” said Pacor, company president and COO. “We will continue delivering products with the latest technologies that cater to high-quality audio. We’re very bullish on the premium sector of the market. That’s where we live.” D&M is slated to release a raft of higher-priced products beginning this spring, picking up in July and continuing through October,

To help its members generate and maximize services profit, the North American Retailer Dealers Association has brought the United Servicers Association into its fold. “The big advantage is that their members are services experts,” Leon Barbachano, NARDA’s chairman of the board and CEO of Allen & Petersen Cooking & Appliance Center in Anchorage, said from the Service & Retail Convention this week in Las Vegas. The convention is sponsored by NARDA, USA and the Electronics Technicians Association (ETA). “We’re hoping they will help our members provide better services and make more money doing it. The USA members are the best of the best.” USA

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