Alma Gates

The car audio community is saddened by the loss of legendary SPL competitor Alma Gates. SPL is the dark side of car audio where competitors pit their specialized vehicles designed only for one thing- to get loud. Engine output is severely diminished due to alternator draw going up exponentially. Vehicles can have banks of a dozen or so marine-sized batteries, and half-a-dozen alternators is not uncommon.

Perhaps one of the most prolific figures in the SPL world who acted as an ambassador of the sport was Alma.

Scott Owens' Monster SPL (Sound Pressure Level) vehicle breaks the 180 dB barrier (also known as 'The Wall') in competition. Can store owners take advantage of this feat to 'Break records on Sunday, Sell woofers and amps on Monday?' By Brett Solomon SPL competitions, or Sound Pressure Level competitions really started to garner attention in the late 1990s when vehicles started to look less like vehicles you would find on the street and more like vehicles you might see welded together on Monster Garage. To the casual observer, a look into the rear of these vehicles allows you to view an installation more suited for a

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