Amar Bose

IN 1982, General Motors began selling three models that for the first time offered high-end designer sound systems, made by Bose, starting a trend in which branded audio systems are now available in almost every vehicle. It was the start of a business and technological partnership between the worlds largest carmaker and one of the countrys most respected audio research companies. Before, if car owners wanted a premium sound system, they typically had to buy one made by an independent audio supplier. The change began in the late 1970s when Dr. Amar Bose, who by then had established his

Successful entrepreneurs often donate generously to their favorite causes, but here's a new twist: Amar Bose is essentially donating his company to his alma mater.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced Friday that Bose, the 81-year-old founder of the sound system company that bears his name, has donated the majority of Bose Corp.'s stock to the school.

The founder of Bose has donated a majority of the company's stock to his alma mater, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

I spent several hours Sunday with Leonardo DiCaprio, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger and Dr. Amar Bose. The visitors were in my home virtually: the actor came courtesy of “Inception,” via a Blu-ray DVD, the two quarterbacks starred in the Super Bowl on Fox in high-definition, and Dr. Bose and his engineering corps provided the sight-and-sound framework for all of that in the form of the $5,349 VideoWave Entertainment system. To call the VideoWave a television is a bit like calling a Bugatti Veyron a car.

The CE Hall of Fame grew by 11 members on Monday, as the Consumer Electronics Association announced its eighth class of new inductees at a luncheon during its Washington Forum. The class of 2007 consists by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Bose founder/chairman Amar Bose, the three German engineers who invented the mp3 format, and Eastman Kodak engineer Steve Sasson, inventor of the digital camera. Also inducted were journalist Art Weinberg, Best Buy founder Richard “Dick” Schulze, former Casio CEO John McDonald, Crutchfield founder William Crutchfield, and J. Edward Day, the CEA’s own longtime lawyer. The induction ceremony for the new members will

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