Anderson Schoenrock

Though it holds all the sex appeal of a frying pan, a terabyte may very well be the most romantic gift you could present to your dearest one this year, a year when many American consumers have finally reached the capacity limits of their home computer hard drives.

"We just started adding video to our company blog 2 weeks ago. Today, consumers are looking for and starting to expect a higher level of involvement with companies. They want to know it's a real place with real people. The benefit of being open with customers far outweighs the danger of a competitor figuring out how you do something."

Like most professional photographers today, Mark Bute is scrambling for jobs. The wedding and portrait specialist from Lancaster, Pa., is seeing his business shrink at an alarming rate, not only because people are asking their friends with DSLRs to do the shooting, but because even willing clients are scared to drop cash during a recession.

"We have to understand how customers are feeling right now, how they're feeling more cash-strapped. But once people have a sense of urgency, they'll still spend…I've seen some dealers even do 'Heritage Making' workshops to show people the urgency of preserving old photos."
-Anderson Schoenrock, Founder and CEO of

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