Rob Stott is corporate communications manager, Nationwide Marketing Group

Monitor Audio has announced the debut of the Airstream A100,  a new wireless integrated stereo amplifier.

If you’re a science and tech geek like me, you probably think of silver as an incredibly malleable metal, prized for its beauty as much as its strength and utility. All of which makes it the perfect moniker for Monitor Audio’s latest speaker line — an evolution of its existing Silver RX family that drops the “RX” designation for nominal simplicity. The newly announced Silver series not only benefits from a sleeker name, but also a sleeker, less adorned aesthetic.

Monitor Audio this week announced the impending release of the  ASB-2 Soundbar. The product features Apple's AirPlay technology, as well as three HDMI inputs.

Monitor Audio this week announced the debut of its new version of its Radius Series of speaker systems. Among other features, the new speakers feature all metal alloy drivers and an all-new design.

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