A Report from KBIS 2003 By Grant Clauser The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), the CEDIA of the home appliance business, was host to the latest trends in high-end food and laundry products at the Orlando Convention Center April 11-13. The show demonstrated that trends established over the past few years are continuing, including stainless steel and bottom-mounted freezers/refrigerators. Samsung home appliances demonstrated a flair for style and technology: The HomePAD Internet Refrigerator includes a detachable LCD TV screen with Internet browsing capability and 802.11b wireless connection to the refrigerator/base station. The refrigerator itself is a 27.2-cubic foot side-by-side model with a patented twin cooling

By Grant Clauser The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, the CEDIA of the home appliance business, was host to the latest trends in high end food and laundry products. Overall, the trends established over the past few years are continuing. Most notably is the overwhelming presence of stainless steel in the design of high-end refrigerators and ovens. But there were a few welcome departures from the Delorian look. The other major trend was in bottom-mounted freezer-fridges. Each manufacturer was quoting the same statistic for fridge versus freezer use to justify the design. While mostly still relegated to the manufacturers' top-shelf models, we can probably expect

Compact Sizes, One-Touch Settings for Dorm Appliances By Tatyana Sinioukov What do young people look for in home appliances they would use every day? First of all, the appliances should be small enough to fit a dorm room or any small living space, they've got to be affordable and they must look good. If it's a refrigerator, size really matters. That's why compact refrigerators are popular with students. If it's a microwave, size is important, too, but also ease of use and design. That's why more and more both OTR and countertop microwaves try to simplify cooking with auto controls and one-touch settings for snacks, frozen food

Just as there are major appliance manufacturers that cater to the cook looking for the 60-inch range, several companies have a strong focus on space-saving and convenient appliances for the urban-dweller, dorm-liver or the all-around space conserver. According to Monica McKane, account manager, major appliances, for NPD Intelect Market Tracking, there is growth to support the emphasis on the small appliance category. Sales of compact refrigerators from January through the end of August 1999 increased 15.3 percent over the same period of 1998; counter-top microwave ovens with a 0.7 cubic foot capacity or smaller sold 23.2 percent more over the same period; and washing machines with

by James J. Hodl Size apparently matters--as does content--among new products planned for introduction at the 1999 International Housewares Shows, set for January 10-13 in Chicago. Different firms are boasting the debut of the industry's largest and smallest microwave ovens. Very skinny gas ranges will offer full-size features. New product content includes a water heater inside a carpet deep cleaner, on-board tools in a stick vac and a dust/dirt ejection system that cleans the inside of an air conditioner before it begins circulating air throughout a room. Among the products vendors expect to display at the 1999 show CLEANING Six furniture-friendly upright vacuum cleaners will be unveiled by Hoover.

Curtis Adds Room for More A/C Plugs Curtis solved the problem of too few outlets and too many bulky A/C power adapters with its new 8000 and 9000 Series surge protectors. The 8000 Series can accommodate up to nine A/C adapters; the 9000 Series holds up to eight. In addition, the 8000 Series protects up to two telephone devices. The two models in the 8000 Series retail for $34.99 and $44.99 and are available in May. Call (800) 272-2366. GE Names Half-Pint Microwave Mike Beginning in July GE will introduce college students to "Mike," the anywhere microwave--as GE affectionately describes it. The compact microwave

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