Avner Ronen

Boxee is considering going to a subsidized model that would bring down the price of its Boxee Box product, in order to help it better compete with Apple TV and other competitors.

The new set-top, social home theater box isn't about challenging Apple and Google, says Boxee's CEO. It's about changing the philosophy behind TV and online video altogether. Earlier this week, Avner Ronen launched the Boxee Box. Almost a year-and-a-half in the making, the set-top box represents the latest step for the start-up whose software until now offered a convenient free, partially-open source software solution that aggregated users' digital content -- Netflix, VUDU, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter -- into one portal. With Boxee Box, Ronen and his crew of 28 have finally completed the equation, marrying Intel (INTC) and D-Link hardware

Sonic Solutions and Boxee Tuesday announced an alliance in which Boxee will license Sonic's RoxioNow entertainment platform.

Boxee, the online video platform that won the inaugural CEA i-Stage contest last year, will soon unveil a new set-top box

Media center software provider Boxee announced Tuesday that it has reached a deal with Major League Baseball

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