Benjamin Franklin

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has agreed, for the first time in his career, to cooperate with a biography

It may not have been the most poetic moment ever realized, but one day, while enjoying a slice of pizza, Rob Elliot had an epiphany. Owner of a car stereo retailer, working 80 hours a week just to get by, Elliot told himself that either he was wrong, or everyone else was. By everyone else, he meant all of the people outside of his industry who had offered him advice on how to run his business; people he had brushed off because he thought that they just didn’t get it. So after that catalytic slice, Elliot headed straight for a bookstore where he purchased a

The cable industry has built roadblocks to competition and retail revenues By Michael Petricone Vice President, Technology Policy, Government and Legal Affairs, Consumer Electronics Association Imagine this scenario: During the last five years, cable TV set-top boxes have been flying off your shelves or out of your factory, providing you with steady and significant revenue. And in the coming years, as these devices evolve into digital portals for interactive-TV services, they continue to generate new revenue streams from your customers' living rooms. By law, both of these lucrative situations should be reality. So why must you only imagine them? Because the cable industry

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