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A History of the Magazine By Grant Clauser Editor-in-Chief The issue of Dealerscope you hold in your hands is the result, or perhaps evolution, of more than 80 years of consumer electronics reporting and publishing. Like the "always-on" feature of broadband, Dealerscope has been continuously connected to the retail world of electronics. The number 80, which we settled on for our special issue, actually comes from the advent of the annual Consumer Electronics Statistical Survey and Report, which hit 80 this year in Dealerscope's August issue. This annual market share report was a feature started by Electrical Merchandising magazine in 1922, which

Dealerscope makes the move from regional to national coverage By Jim Barry Dealerscope Editor, 1978-1985 When I joined Dealerscope as managing editor in 1978, it was just beginning a transformation from its roots as a regional publication to a nationally focused magazine. Mike Torf, the magazine's owner/founder, had recently merged Dealerscope with Don Martin's Television Appliance Dealer (TAD), a similar publication based on the West Coast. The magazine had already expanded south and west from its Boston roots, building a strong reputation as a distributor book in the heyday of two-step distribution. Those were the days when manufacturers of "white goods" and "brown goods"—legacy terms from the days

NEW YORK CITY—The Consumer Electronics Association held its annual pre-CES soiree last month in the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center. It's traditionally the last moment of relative calm before the holidays and CES. The 2001 International CES is scheduled to begin Saturday, January 6, at the Las Vegas Convention Center and end Tuesday, January 9, with more than 1,500 exhibitors booking into 1.8 million square feet of total show floor space. This year, there are some differences: • A new section of the week (Saturday through Tuesday) • New co-located shows (the Video Software Dealers Association's annual show, in addition to Digital Hollywood,

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